If you’re planning a new kitchen, you’ll be researching colour schemes, design styles, and appliances for your wishlist. It’s the start of the exciting process where you see your dream kitchen brought to life through clever design, high-quality products and finishes.

To help you put that wishlist together, we have six features that will add a touch of luxury to every kitchen.


Quooker boiling water tap

We have one in the showroom and use it every day. Once you get used to the convenience and simplicity of a Quooker, you can’t go back!

Cut down on worktop clutter and plastic water bottles and enjoy this super efficient, stylish tap that really does do it all; hot, cold, boiling, filtered and sparkling water at your fingertips.

It comes in contemporary and more classic styles and in a range of finishes, so whatever your kitchen design, the Quooker will slot in perfectly.

Quooker taps feature in nearly every kitchen we install. View the Quooker CUBE in this contemporary new home in Reigate, or head to our projects page to see them in different settings and designs.


Quooker boiling water tap

Learn more about Quooker: quooker.co.uk


BORA induction hob with downdraft extraction

The BORA range of hobs is making bulky ceiling extractor hoods a relic of the past. Downdraft extraction isn’t a new concept, but BORA is really the only brand that has absolutely nailed it.

The extraction is much quieter than traditional hoods, and the hobs are simple and intuitive to use and clean. Odours and grease particles are efficiently extracted as they rise from the food and are filtered by the activated charcoal filter. Gone are the days of cooking smells taking over your kitchen. The quiet efficiency of the extraction is especially useful in open-plan layouts.

The designs are beautifully minimalist, and you’ll wonder how you ever cooked with any other hob and extractor system.

View the BORA Pure in this family kitchen in Redhill.


BORA induction hob with downdraft extraction

Learn more about BORA Cooking systems: bora.com/gb/gb/cooktop-extractor-systems


Dekton worktops

Cosentino, the brand behind Dekton, says that they have

decoded natural stone, deciphering its unique beauty and performance to recode and upgrade it through technology into Dekton: The Technical Ultracompact Stone.’

in layman’s terms, Dekton is engineered stone. It is a carbon-neutral, incredibly durable and beautiful product that looks like natural stone but has been engineered to withstand everything a kitchen environment can throw at it.

Dekton is resistant to:

  • Abrasions
  • Scratches and impacts
  • Water and stains

It is the ultimate worktop delivering on style and robust durability, and you can choose from a vast range of colours and patterns that mimic the beauty of natural stone.

Dekton has all the style and beauty of natural stone and is a firm favourite of ours to design with. See the Aura by Dekton in this lovely Reigate kitchen.


Dekton is engineered stone

Learn more about Dekton: cosentino.com/en-gb/dekton


Bold as brass handles

Chrome will always be a classic choice, and matte black has a wonderful contemporary industrial feel, but for a flourish of luxury, explore brass handles.

You can have an aged, antique finish which is perfect for a classic kitchen design, delivering a lovely timeless elegance. Or explore satin and brushed finishes to revel in the golds and yellows of the metal.

Satin and brushed brass handles and details will add luxurious accents of colour across your kitchen, just like in this beautiful kitchen we designed for a family in Epsom.


Brass finish kitchen handles

Pop into the showroom to look at our samples and brochures, but picking your favourite will be a challenge!


Statement lights

You’re going to need task lighting, of course, but have fun with your ambient and statement lighting to add luxury to your kitchen.

Whether it’s pendant lighting above the island or the table, a lovely floor-standing lamp in the corner, or clever LED lighting under your wall and base units. Lighting is everything, and as the evenings draw in, you’ll appreciate the cosy atmosphere you create just through beautiful, clever lighting.


Statement Kitchen Lights

Need some inspiration? Check out the beautiful pendant lighting above the island in this Reigate kitchen.


And if you have room…
Kitchen island with breakfast bar

Not every kitchen has room for one, and smaller kitchens can pack a punch without them, but if you have the room, indulge in a bespoke kitchen island and breakfast bar.

Use it to cleverly divide your kitchen into zones, create a comfortable and informal seating area, gain extra food prep space, and a sociable cooking zone, highlight your two-tone colour scheme and have it tailor-made with all the storage and features you desire.

Make the island the centrepiece, the place where everyone gathers, just like in this stunning kitchen in Horsham.


Kitchen island with breakfast bar

How would you want yours set up?



Adding all these to your wishlist? Come and tell us about your must-haves and your nice-to-haves, and we’ll design your dream kitchen. Book an appointment by calling 01737 906074 or email us at info@painesandgray.co.uk.