Is it possible to achieve a bespoke kitchen on a budget?

We like to think you can because we know all the ways in which you can make your budget work really hard for your brief. Using our decades of experience, we will guide you every step of the way through the design process to ensure your new bespoke kitchen comes in at the right price point.

It is easy to assume by scrolling on Instagram and other platforms that working with an independent kitchen designer might be out of reach of your budget. Whilst a proportion of kitchen projects do feature luxurious and high-end fittings and fixtures, many fall very much within the realms of a normal kitchen renovation budget.

Understanding your kitchen quote


Let’s have an honest conversation about budgets

How much we have to spend or want to spend on our homes will always differ from friends and neighbours, and having the budget conversation can be tricky for some of us to navigate. However, it’s really important to have it! When you embark on your kitchen renovation, be clear about what budget you want to allocate to the project and be transparent about this in your appointment with your kitchen designer.

This is not a trap! This is not a sales technique the designer will employ to just spend your entire budget. By having an honest chat about your renovation budget upfront, we can ensure we guide you to the materials, appliances, designs and finishes that fit your budget. This also allows us to look at the budget with you and share our expertise on what the different elements might cost and if the budget is realistic for what you want to achieve.

We want you to enjoy the design process, enjoy the decisions you’re making and be thrilled with the end result. This is only possible if you’re being inspired by the products, design solutions and features you’re being shown rather than feeling out of your depth.

How much does a kitchen cost?


Independents Vs big retailers

We are offering a different product and a very different experience to the national retailers and are, in the main, a price point above. However, you may be surprised as to how competitive we can be.

Many a customer has started initial conversations with a big retailer and found they couldn’t get the level of design or customer service they wanted but didn’t know they could actually afford to work with an independent. Luckily, other customers and local builders have directed them to us, and they’ve discovered that having a personalised, independent local service is right within their reach, and we’ve worked together to deliver their dream kitchen.


Understanding your kitchen quote

It’s really important to understand what you’re being quoted for when you start speaking to designers. Don’t be fooled by a big retailer promoting a too-good-to-be-true price. Often they are advertising just the furniture cost and have not included the other elements in this headline price.

When we quote, we will give you a total project cost which includes the furniture (kitchen units), worktops, appliances and installation.

For reference, our small-medium size kitchen projects start at around £15,000, and this project value covers every element, including installation.

Modern kitchen design on a budget


Ways to save

There are a number of ways to enable you to work with an independent designer like us, get personalised, exceptional service, and keep the project on budget.

– Simplicity over complexity

The more design features and internal storage mechanisms, the higher the cost. For a more budget-friendly design, steer away from in-frame shaker doors and clever mechanisms in your drawers and cupboards. Opt for a more minimalist design and explore the vast range of handleless slab doors available.

– Standard finishes over custom finishes

The manufacturers we work with offer a great range of classic and contemporary finishes, and choosing a standard finish over a custom finish is another great way to make your budget work hard for you.

Good manufacturers like ours do their research; they know what the on-trend colours are, what colours have a timeless quality, and what the next must-have colour will be, so you can be sure you will be able to put a great colour scheme together without the need for custom colours and finishes.

– Savings that can make a big difference

Often, customers have one or two must-haves for their new kitchen, for example, a hot water tap, double ovens, a pantry unit, or quartz worktops.

Whatever your must-haves are, if you’re working on a tight budget, we can show you where you can save money on one element to make more allowance for another.

The specification of finishes and appliances has a significant impact on the budget. If you’re open to our suggestions on where we can be savvy on cost by choosing a different worktop finish or different appliance brand, you’ll be amazed at what can be achieved.

Once we have an initial design for you to review, you can always make further changes to the spec, up or down, depending on your requirements.

Budget Kitchen Design Reigate


Invest in quality where you can

Kitchens are such high-traffic areas that we firmly believe in investing in quality where you can; buying once is always preferable to buying twice.

Choosing hard-wearing, high-quality materials that can stand up to the job is always worth the investment. We want your kitchen to last and look fantastic for years to come, so we’ll guide you on where to spend and where to save in order to get the most hard-wearing kitchen for your budget.


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