If you’re feeling the need to reclaim your kitchen as a more adult area, step right this way. Perhaps homeworking and homeschooling took over for a while there. Or the dynamic at home has transitioned to a more grown-up space, or you want to make your kitchen a true hub for entertaining, then a wet bar is just what you need. 


Designed for you and your home 

By designing your own bar area, you can create the perfect zone to house your favourite drinks and glassware. This new dedicated space is completely separate from the other hard-working zones in the kitchen, leaving you plenty of room to shake and stir like a pro. 

Choose how many shelves you want for bottles on display, and what size wine cooler you might want to be incorporated. Think about what cabinets or storage you’d like for glassware and maybe you’d want a drinks preparation area too?

Everyone has a favourite tipple and you can have yours ready to prepare right when you fancy it.


Mereway Cucina Colore Kitchen Design with Wet bar


Wishlist items for your wetbar


Mirrored glass

A mirrored back wall for your shelves or glass-fronted cabinets adds a real touch of glamour to your wet bar, especially if you opt for one of the antiqued glass finishes with open shelves. A mirrored back wall really presents your bottles and glassware beautifully. 


Open shelving or glass-fronted cabinets 

The designs on some of our favourite spirits bottles are next level, aren’t they? Especially if you’re a collector of boutique gins! Beautiful bottles deserve to be seen, display your bottles on open shelving and your best glassware in lit glass-fronted cabinets. 


Wine racks and coolers

No one wants their Sauvignon Blanc warm so incorporate a wine cooler into the wet bar too. Opt for one with different temperature zones for both white and red, or keep your white in the cooler and design a rack for your reds. Have everything on hand, right where you need it, just make sure you have the corkscrew handy!


Behind closed doors

You can choose pantry style to close the doors to temptation on a rainy Wednesday afternoon or keep it open, the choice is yours. But we do recommend one element that you can close, either a cupboard or a drawer. You will need a spot to keep your loose items like corkscrews, jiggers, stirrers and any other drinks paraphernalia that the mixologist in you likes to have to hand. Create a space just for these and your wet bar will always be ready for guests, or a rainy Wednesday afternoon… 



Ready to put your wet bar wishlist together? Make an appointment by getting in touch on 01737 906074 or at info@painesandgray.co.uk. Alternatively, pop into our Reigate showroom and let’s get to work.