Starting to plan your new kitchen but getting stuck with the layout? Debating whether to keep the existing layout or start over? Typically, kitchen designs align with one of the four most common layouts.

These classic layouts can be adapted to work for the flow of your home, the size of your space and your personal design choices.


The four most common kitchen layouts

  • Galley
  • L-shaped
  • U-shaped
  • Island


The Galley Kitchen

Galley Kitchen Design

This is often, but not exclusively, seen in smaller or older properties where the kitchen is long and narrow. The galley kitchen features two runs of units opposite each other, with one central galley for you to work from.

When this layout is used in a narrow room with limited flexibility for open plan or other layouts, you can really maximise the upward space with full-height wall units. When you maximise your storage options, you can keep your worktop space clear of clutter. This is not only practical but will help a small space feel less cramped.

Light and bright colour schemes are most popular in these layouts to give an illusion of space too.


The L-Shaped Kitchen

L-Shape Kitchen Design

This is another popular shape when space is limited, perhaps in a cottage or apartment. The L-shape makes the most of a narrow room and the corner, maximising storage and worktop space.

An L-shape can also work really well in a family kitchen. It’s a practical option where you don’t have the space for a big open-plan layout but do want to incorporate a kitchen table.


The U-Shaped Kitchen

U-Shape Kitchen Design

This is a great design layout that works well in both small and large kitchens.

It works brilliantly if you don’t quite have the space for a separate island but do have the space for a peninsula. A peninsula is a really popular option for incorporating a breakfast bar and for creating a natural divide in an open-plan space.

The U-shape also gives you the maximum storage and flexibility over where you want your appliances and sink.


The Island Kitchen

Island Kitchen Design

Islands are on most people’s wishlists when it comes to planning a new kitchen layout. They can be a fabulous design statement, practical cooking area, or casual seating area and are ideal for kitchens that like to entertain.

If you have the space, the island kitchen layout is the most flexible. Pair it with your L or U shape or have it simply in combination with a single run as depicted here.

To make the most of an island kitchen, it’s really important to check if you have the space for it. You want to be able to move around and work in your kitchen and freely open doors, fridges and dishwashers. If you’re measuring up at home, a good guide is to allow at least 1m walkway around your island.


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