You’ve decided on your kitchen design, you’ve landed on a colour scheme, you’re clear on what appliances you want, you’ve finally settled on the worktops, and the last piece of the puzzle is getting the splashback right.

There’s a wealth of choices in colour and materials, but we’ve picked out our top three to kick-start your ideas.


Seamless style

A really elegant choice for your splashback is to extend your quartz worktop up the wall. This is a seamless, uncluttered design choice which makes every kitchen look contemporary and stylish. Best of all? Having no grout lines and being just as hardwearing as your worktop, this is an easy-clean and practical option too.

We particularly love the veined quartz for this type of splashback. The veining looks so striking as it continues up the wall.

Seamless style splashback


Reflect light

Glass splashbacks are just as practical as quartz and are fantastic for reflecting light in your kitchen.

What we really love about a glass splashback is that you can have it in any colour. Match your kitchen colour scheme or create a great contrast with a bright pop of bright colour; the options really are endless. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but the mirrored antique glass splashbacks are really stylish and add a touch of character too.

Check out the black glass splashback in this recently completed project in Redhill. The use of black glass in this kitchen provides a brilliant contrast to the all-white furniture.

Choosing the right Glass splashback



Make a statement

You can’t beat a patterned tile for a style statement. Whether you choose ornate or modern patterns, muted or bright colours, the tiles will become an integral feature in your kitchen and be noticed.

Kitchen tile options are infinite, and it’s a fun part of the design process to pick just the right ones for your kitchen. Go bold with a vibrant pattern, or go classic for a timeless look.  Or opt for tiles without a pattern and make a different style statement through your choice of colour, texture, tiling pattern and grout colour. You see, the variations and options are endless! Need some inspiration? Browse this recently completed project in Redhill.

Kitchen tile options


Mix and match

There’s no rule to say you can’t feature more than one style of splashback across your kitchen either!

Using a statement tile as a feature behind a range cooker, for example, and glass or quartz elsewhere looks fantastic and gives you even more free rein with your tile choice. You can really go for a bold look when you’re using the tiles in a smaller area to create a feature wall.

Best style of splashback for shaker kitchen



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