If you’re planning a bedroom renovation, it is the perfect opportunity to rethink the use of space and storage. Are you making the most of the space, do you have awkward corners and sloping ceilings to work around? Do you have enough storage to keep your bedroom a calm and organised space? Bedrooms are the rooms in our homes that we retreat to, it’s important that they’re welcoming, reflect our personal style and are easy to keep uncluttered. A fresh pair of eyes and a considered re-design of your bedroom can really revolutionise how you feel and sleep.

Bespoke Bedroom Design



We’re all guilty of having too much stuff. Whether it’s items we use every day, sentimental items, clothes we’re waiting to get back into, or the things we don’t need all the time but will need again, the sheer volume can make our bedrooms feel overly cluttered and weigh us down. If the chair in the corner is currently camouflaged under a mountain of clothes, and the wardrobes are full to bursting and you can’t find that one item you really need for an upcoming event, it’s time to address your bedroom storage!

When you choose bespoke bedroom furniture, you can optimise the space you have with carefully considered storage at the heart of the design decisions. Whether it’s shoe storage, a mix of long and short hanging space, accessories organisers or display shelves for beautiful perfume bottles, or all of the above, the best solution is a bespoke one.

Bedroom Storage Solutions


Styles, materials and colour schemes

Colour and finish are personal choices, and your bedroom is the most personal space of all, so does it reflect your interior taste and style? What’s the dream? A New York Loft vibe, cottage core, or sumptuous boutique hotel? We can help you put a style and colour scheme together, with the right blend of materials and finishes to make your bedroom a true reflection of your style.

Colour is really important in the bedroom and will have a big impact on your mood and how you start every day. Take time to consider your colour scheme, what colours do you feel drawn to? Let us help you select a palette that reflects your taste, and the ambience you want to create and will look great for years to come. It’s also a good idea to play with colour samples at home whilst you’re deciding between colours. You’ll see how the colours look in natural daylight and with your bedroom lights on, which is so helpful when narrowing down your choices.


Dedicated walk-wardrobes and dressing rooms

If you have the space, a dedicated dressing area, walk-in wardrobe, or dressing room is a wonderful addition to your bedroom. A dedicated dressing zone will help keep your sleeping space uncluttered and organise your clothes beautifully. Plus, these are intimate spaces, so they’re also a great opportunity to have fun with your interior style, feel a little decadent with your design choices, and feel emboldened to create something very personal.


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