Some of the most frequently asked questions in our design consultations are about extractors. Do customers need one? Is there a way of having something smaller or less dominating than a cooker hood? The answer to both of these questions is yes. Furthermore, we really rate downdraft extractors for customers looking to create a more minimalist style in their kitchen.

I don’t want a bulky overhead extractor hood

It is a popular choice in modern kitchen design to have a hob on a kitchen island in an open-plan setting, creating a more sociable environment to cook in. With this design, people love the open plan and spacious feel, and would rather not clutter the design by having a ceiling extractor over the island.

A downdraft extractor is a perfect choice here. It is a discreet, hard-working bit of kit that will fit this open-plan, uncluttered aesthetic perfectly.


Bora Extractor Fans


What is a downdraft extractor?

Downdraft extraction is the future! These extractors are built into your hob negating the need for overhead extractor hoods. They work in the same way to remove smells, steam and smoke but draw those aromas and particles downwards.

Do downdraft extractors work?

Yes! The extractor is built into your hob which means the aromas and smoke are immediately extracted away as they leave your pan. This is a highly effective system, especially in kitchens with high ceilings where a cooker hood would be positioned some distance away from the food being cooked.


What is a downdraft extractor


How are downdraft extractors vented?

Depending on where your hob is positioned, you can have a fully vented extraction (the air is extracted outside) or a recirculation system.

If your hob is on an island or somewhere difficult to set up with fully vented extraction, the recirculation mode works brilliantly. Using this mode, the extracted air passes through a charcoal filter which cleans the air and removes odour molecules. The air is then released back into the room.


If we had to choose a favourite…

We’ve recently had a Bora Pure fitted in the showroom and it is fantastic.

The controls are intuitive to use, it’s easy to clean and the noise from the extractor is minimal. We’ve tested it ourselves and find it to be both stylish and effective. It is the ideal solution for modern kitchen design.



Ready to plan your new kitchen and intrigued to learn more about downdraft extractors? Book an appointment in our Reigate showroom and we’ll demo the Bora Pure and talk you through all the options. Call us on 01737 906 074 or drop us a note at