As that film suggested, there are many shades of grey, and we think each one must have been utilised in kitchen design! Grey continues to be such a popular choice for kitchens, and it’s no surprise. Not only is there a huge range of grey tones to choose from, it is an extremely versatile colour to work with. You can use it to contrast with or complement another colour, and it works in light and dark rooms, big or small spaces, and it can deliver a big impact or create something classic. With grey, the options really are endless.


Find your perfect grey

There’s a grey for everyone and every kitchen. Whether you’re looking for something ultra-contemporary, something classic, something subtle or something with drama, you’ll find the perfect grey or even a couple of shades that will work beautifully together.


Pale grey

Elegant, soft, pale greys have a great timeless quality that works in both contemporary and more traditional kitchen designs.

Pale grey used in a shaker kitchen will effortlessly deliver a more classic feel; combine it with light quartz worktops to create a really elegant and light space.

A pale grey gloss finish will create a much more modern, streamlined aesthetic, so think about the textures and finishes you’re using elsewhere around the kitchen to continue this ultra-modern style.

Classic Shaker Pale Grey Kitchen Design


Mid grey

Always popular, always stylish and works in every home. Choose your favourite mid-grey, and you can’t go wrong.

Classic Shaker Mid Grey Kitchen Design


Dark grey

Dark and dramatic greys used on an island or as a feature really deliver the wow factor. Used across a modern handleless kitchen, they will give a space a contemporary, more industrial feel.

Classic Shaker Dark Grey Kitchen Design


Textural greys

Concrete-look, ceramic-look and metallic greys are great for adding interest and texture to your kitchen design.

Contemporary Textured Grey Kitchen Design


A pair of greys

Greys pair brilliantly with nearly any other colour. Whether you’re choosing two colours to contrast in a bold and brilliant way or choosing two similar colours that complement each other.

Not sure what colours you’d like, but would like to create a two-tone scheme; you can’t go wrong with pairing two different shades of grey. It’s a simple way to create a cohesive and elegant scheme.

Shaker Mixed Grey Kitchen Design


The finishing touches to a perfect grey kitchen

The finishing touches are everything with a grey kitchen. Polished chrome for your handles and taps is a classic choice, but if you’re looking for a little glamour and luxury, go for brass.

For more of a Scandi or natural aesthetic, choose real wood accents for your handles and accessories.

Finishing touches to a perfect grey kitchen


Many of our customers have chosen different shades of grey for their beautiful new kitchens. Don’t forget to check out our latest projects for some grey kitchen inspiration.


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