We’ve noticed a real increase in requests for granite in the past few months. Granite is definitely our customers’ most popular worktop choice heading into 2022. Has quartz had its moment in the limelight? Not at all but granite is really enjoying a revival and it’s been a great opportunity for us to revisit its qualities. 


Why choose granite?

There’s a host of reasons to choose granite for your kitchen worktop, for us it is the stunning natural variations you get in the colours and patterns. You get a huge spectrum of colours to choose from, each slab is totally unique and granite is actually more heat-resistant than quartz. A beautiful granite worktop is not only a statement in your kitchen design but a durable and practical element too. 

Of course, the variations are what sway some people towards quartz. Being a man-made material consisting of crushed quartz, resin and pigments, you can rely on a more consistent colour and pattern for your worktop. 

If you want a stone worktop with deep veining, and for those veins to line up across the different slabs of stone in your kitchen, quartz is the material for you. With quartz, you can follow the veins down the side of your island for example, or into your backsplash, creating a very streamlined look. 


Choosing your stone

We really like the natural beauty of granite, but it can be hard to imagine how the variations are going to work together in your kitchen.  We recommend you visit our stone supplier and actually pick out the slabs you want.

Our suppliers are more than happy to show you the granite you’ve chosen and help you identify how you want the slabs to fit together. You can even specify which part of the kitchen they’re going in. For example, you might want a slab with a really striking pattern to take centre stage on your island. Seeing the stone in person before purchasing is such a valuable experience to help you visualise it in your new kitchen. 

Choosing a granite kitchen worktop


Take it outside

Another great reason to love granite is its suitability for outdoor kitchens.  If like us, you experienced a newfound appreciation for your garden and entertaining outside, a beautiful outdoor kitchen will seriously raise your BBQ game.  Granite is the ideal durable and stylish worktop to complete the outdoor set-up.


If you’re interested in comparing quartz and granite worktops for your kitchen. Book an appointment to visit our showroom and we’ll show you through our samples and display kitchens. Contact us at info@painesandgray.co.uk or call us on 01737 906 074 to make an appointment.