Having a new kitchen installed is a process. You’ve probably been thinking about a new kitchen for some time and then talking to your designer for a number of weeks, or even months and are now ready to make your final decisions and place your order. If you haven’t had a new kitchen before, you probably have a few questions about the installation process, what to expect and how to navigate the renovation period.



The timeframe for your delivery and installation is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It will depend on the scale of your project, the complexity of the project, whether you’re having a us manage the whole project and on supplier lead times. On average you can expect:

  • Kitchen lead time: 4-8 weeks
  • Installation period: 3-5 weeks

It is a good rule of thumb to expect the cabinetry to take 1-2 weeks to fit and about 2-3 weeks for worktop templating, manufacturing and installation. The other elements will be slotted in to the installation schedule around these items.


Practical preparation

If you can, try and set up a small temporary kitchen elsewhere in your home. Your garage, utility, spare room, wherever you can. Find a spot where you can make tea and toast and set up anything else you can squeeze in that will make this short disruption manageable. It’s also worth grabbing the cutlery and crockery that you’re going to need on a daily basis so you know you have the basics to hand, rather than packed away out of reach.

It can feel overwhelming thinking of all the different elements that need to come together during the renovation. We’ll prepare a schedule of works as part of our project management process and you can refer to this at any time to get an overview.

Kitchen renovation timeframe


Mental preparation

Navigating and dealing with a home renovation is a mindset! We can’t tell you that having the busiest room in your house out of action for a month is going to be a breeze. It is disruptive, sometimes dusty, sometimes noisy work but it will be worth it!

In our experience, the best approach to a renovation is a mindset shift; expect some disruption, look forward to seeing the different elements come together and trust in us to take care of everything for you.


Decisions, decisions

You’ll find when you work with us that we encourage you to start thinking about and choosing colour schemes and finishes as early on in the design process as you can. This ensures you have plenty of time to make decisions and everything is in place in time for the kitchen installation.

This avoids any last minute panicked decisions or disappointment at the critical stages of installation. You do not want to wait until the installation is underway to choose paint colours, tiles, flooring etc and find out that something you’d finally settled on has been discontinued.

We’ll let you know at every stage what decisions we need from you and when so we can ensure everything is in place for the installation schedule. The earlier you can make decisions on your finishes, the better!

Dealing with a home renovation


Reduce stress

The most stress-free way of navigating a kitchen renovation is handing over the whole project to us. Let us manage the different trades, everyone’s work schedules and deliveries. If you hand the project management over to us, it will run more smoothly and you can focus on your work and family knowing everything is in hand.

A new kitchen will feel like a big project in your home but it should be almost the most exciting element, second only to us handing over the finished kitchen to you! The key is to hand over the project management to the professionals, take into account how long the disruption will last and to set yourself up as well as possible to tide you over. You will be at home in the new kitchen in no time at all and we will do everything in our power to ensure it runs smoothly for you.


Ready to get your new kitchen renovation underway? Book a design consultation at info@painesandgray.co.uk or give the showroom a call on 01737 906 074. Browse the latest kitchens on our Projects page too, for inspiration.