One of our favourite worktop brands for high-quality engineered stone worktops is Cosentino. You may have already come across their Silestone range, and possibly heard of Dekton too? But have you heard of Sensa or the Scalea range? There are four brands for kitchen work surfaces under the Cosentino umbrella, all with the trademark quality and beautiful patterns you’d expect, and all offering something a little different to set them apart.



If you’re not already familiar with Silestone, it’s a household name in the field of quartz worktops and is made from premium natural minerals and recycled materials.

We love it for:

  • It’s high resistance to the stains and acids common in a kitchen environment
  • Being easy to maintain
  • A high level of resistance to scratches
  • The 25yr warranty
  • The choice of 3 textures; polished, suede & volcano (a pitted finish)
  • It’s sustainability credentials with a minimum of 20% recycled materials used in the quartz


New kitchen worktop finishes by Dekton



This a highly engineered natural stone product but with the X Factor! Dekton is a complex mixture of more than 20 natural minerals manufactured into Technical Ultracompact Stone. It is an incredibly robust product and an absolute favourite at Paines & Gray.

We love it for:

  • Being carbon neutral
  • Its durability – As a result of the ultra-compaction process, Dekton has no micro-defects that can cause tensions or weak points
  • Being easy to clean and maintain
  • It’s high resistance to abrasions. It withstands abrasion better than porcelain or granite.
  • The versatility of being able to use it for indoor and outdoor kitchens
  • Being scratch and impact-resistant, equalling quartz in its mineral ‘hardness’.
  • It’s high resistance to water and stains due to very low porosity.
  • The 25yr warranty


New finishes by Dekton

We’re particularly excited about Dekton’s new range of colours and patterns, ‘Pietra Kode’ which are inspired by three classic Italian stones.

The range exudes Italy’s classical style whilst looking contemporary and at home in modern kitchens. It is a beautiful range with a timeless quality.


Dekton’s new range of colours



Sensa is a granite and quartzite range with a built-in stain resistance, which is always music to the ears, especially in family kitchens where you need a practical and easy-to-maintain worktop.

We love it for:

  • The range of colours and patterns you get with Sensa. They are truly unique, bold and contemporary.
  • The stain resistance, which is cleverly integrated into the molecular structure of the stone
  • Being low maintenance & with no sealing required
  • The 15yr warranty



Scalea is an extracted Cosentino natural stone that offers a wide array of unique designs and a choice of over 200 colours!

We love it for being:

  • Unique in its huge range of patterns and colour
  • Made to last with the robust and hardy qualities you’d expect from natural stone
  • Heat resistance qualities


Worth noting:

Scalea worktops are beautiful, unique and hardy, but due to the porosity of natural stone, special maintenance and care must be taken with Scalea surfaces to avoid common stains. If stain resistance is a must for you, we’d recommend Silestone, Dekton or Sensa.

Has this whetted your appetite for a stunning new granite or quartz worktop? The colours and patterns available really are endless. Choose something subtle and timeless or something bold and contemporary, whatever your interior style, there is a Cosentino worktop which is going to elevate your kitchen to another level.


If you want to take a closer look at the Cosentino range, book an appointment in our showroom, and we’ll talk through your ideas, make recommendations and go through the samples. To book, call us 01737 906074 or contact us at