What is in-frame kitchen design?

In-frame kitchen design is about the setting of the doors and drawers. They are inset within a frame on the front of the furniture carcass.

The framework adds elegant detailing to the cabinetry and provides additional support to the carcass, creating durable, hard-wearing furniture that is practical and stylish.

What is in-frame kitchen design?


Classic in-frame design

The in-frame kitchen is inspired by traditional cabinet construction methods with a robust style that exudes quality and craftsmanship.

Traditionally, the in-frame design is used with shaker-style drawers and doors. These have a central panel with a raised rectangular frame surrounding it. Shaker kitchens are hugely popular for their classic aesthetic, and you can choose between an in-frame style or a lay-on style (without a frame for the doors and drawers).

Our recent project in Reigate is a lovely example of the lay-on shaker style.


Character and style

The classic look achieved with an in-frame kitchen creates a timeless style that works in period properties and modern homes alike.

The extra detail to the door fronts created by the in-frame design instantly adds character to a space. If you have a modern home but would like to add elegant and characterful features, an in-frame kitchen is a great choice.

The classic in-frame kitchen

Beyond the doors and drawers

In-frame kitchens are stunning examples of craftsmanship and often have beautifully styled plinths, coving, mantles and breakfronts.

These design details all serve to elevate your kitchen style and have the effect of making the furniture feel more permanent and substantial.

In-frame kitchens Reigate

An investment in your home

Bespoke in-frame kitchens are beautifully designed kitchens with a robust durability to their craftsmanship, making them long-term investments for your home. Their timeless style and build quality ensure they stand up to the rigours of family life for years to come.

Our in-frame kitchens are made of solid wood, built in the UK using the highest quality materials and traditional techniques, and are handpainted to deliver a finish just as meticulous as the build quality.

Classic Shaker Kitchen in blue


A modern twist

If a classic shaker kitchen is not your taste, but the in-frame style has got your attention, you can have your cake and eat it!

We have a modern classic range which, instead of a shaker door, features a contemporary minimalist slab door inset within a frame. It is a modern take on the in-frame kitchen, marrying classic and contemporary style in your home.

Classic Shaker kitchen in green Redhill



If you’re feeling inspired by in-frame kitchen design and would like to see the craftsmanship, style and quality in person, book an appointment in our showroom by calling 01737 906074 or email us at info@painesandgray.co.uk.