It won’t come as a surprise, but we’re very fussy about the appliances we will recommend and incorporate into our kitchen designs. Looking good is not good enough.  Reliability, practicality and simplicity have to be foremost, and then, of course, they need to look great too.

Paines & Gray are one of a select group of premium partners for Siemens studioLine appliances. These are hands down our favourite integrated appliances. The combination of innovative technology and superb styling make these appliances simple to use and hard to beat.

There’s so much technology packed into these appliances but what we really love is that you don’t need a degree in engineering to use them! They are intuitive to use and have some great features, particularly the range of ovens:

Touchscreen display
There is an extensive menu of options, easily navigated by the touchscreen. The display is clear, easy to use and ensures you choose the perfect setting for whatever culinary delight you have planned.


activeClean® technology
The worst part about cooking is always the cleaning up, isn’t it? The studioLine ovens have a pyrolytic self-clean setting which is a gamechanger. The oven will heat to such a high temperature that any food left or spilt in there will simply be reduced to ash and is then easily wiped away. The racks and rails are all pyrolysis-proof too so everything can be left inside on this setting. This really is such a simple and effective way to maintain a clean oven.


Perhaps our favourite gadget is the varioSpeed technology in the integrated microwave which can cut cooking time by up to 50%. Frozen food can even be cooked quickly due to the coolStart function, and no need to preheat. This is a must-have for a busy kitchen.


See studioLine in situ
Check out one of our latest projects featuring studioLine appliances. This stunning new kitchen has a bank of integrated Siemens studioLine ovens and a Siemens studioLine gas hob on the island. studioLine is the perfect range for this stylish, minimalist, busy family kitchen.

Contemporary new home, Reigate


What we’re excited about
Siemens have launched a new blackSteel design for studioLine and it looks as good as it sounds. It has the elegant, minimalist style you’d expect. The design features a new darkened front, a large stainless steel control dial and a deep black glass door.

Siemens studioLine appliances


Paines & Gray are official premium partners for the exclusive Siemens studioLine range. Book an appointment in our showroom by calling us on 01737 906074 or dropping us a line at, and we’ll show you the appliances we have on display and talk you through why we rate them so much.