A kitchen island is on a lot of people’s wish lists and for good reason. They are such a versatile, practical and stylish feature in both modern and more traditional kitchens. The question comes down to what you’re going to use it for, and the options are plentiful! The best thing about islands of course is they are multi-purpose too, so you’re not limited with your options either. We’re here to give you some wonderful kitchen island inspiration to get your design wish list underway.

Get social

One real advantage of incorporating an island into your kitchen design is the sociable aspect it gives your kitchen. Whether you’re preparing food, cooking, pouring drinks, washing up or inviting a friend to pull up a bar stool. It becomes the hub of the kitchen, making it easy to engage with guests and family whilst working.

Cook from your kitchen island

Integrate an oven and hob into your design so you can cook and check on food without feeling separated from the family or party. There are lots of clever and concealed extraction options too so you don’t have to spoil the open plan feel with a large extractor hood suspended above.

kitchen island inspiration - Breakfast Bar Worktop

Eat, work, play, all from your island

If you have the space, a split level island with both a bar stool height worktop, and a worktop at chair height will create a really flexible area. It provides space for eating, working from home and preparing food. This is a great set up for a busy family kitchen to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Storage solution

As well as the obvious benefit of more worktop space, your island is the ideal place for more storage, you just need to decide what you want to store! If your island is a food prep and cooking area, you’ll want utensils, pots and pans, and maybe recipe books to hand. If it is a social space and casual dining area, you might want glass and tableware. We’ll help you work out what the best storage options are for your kitchen when we create your bespoke kitchen design. The options really are endless. From magazine style racks for cookery books, concealed shelves and power for tablets and devices, deep drawers for dinner and tableware, to glass fronted cupboards for spirits and glassware. Maybe you need all of the above!

Kitchen island inspiration - Feature handleless kitchen island in dark grey

Everything including the kitchen sink

Incorporating a sink in your island is a great way to make your kitchen feel more sociable as you work. Whoever is prepping food, washing up or making drinks can still easily interact with family or guests, without having their back to the group or feeling segregated. Go a step further and have a combination tap installed, hot, cold and boiling water at your fingertips as you work.

Entertain from your kitchen island

Incorporate a wine fridge and rack in your island to really up your entertaining game. You can choose from a simple cooler and bespoke rack to a multi-zone appliance for storing red and white wine. You can then keep your worktop clear for casual seating and leaning against, for laying glasses and canape platters. An island forms a really natural hub for informal entertaining. Coupled with comfortable bar stools and a well stocked wine fridge, you may just have trouble getting your guests to leave!

We hope we’ve given you lots of kitchen island inspiration and ideas for your own. Make a wish list and book an appointment with us, let’s plan your dream kitchen and island. Pop into the showroom or book an appointment at info@painesandgray.co.uk or call 01737 906 074. You can also visit Our Kitchens for lots more images of our range of kitchen islands.