A couple of items always pop up on people’s wishlists when we start designing a new kitchen. These include an American-style fridge freezer, a hot water tap, an island and a pantry unit. Sound like a familiar wishlist? They are all excellent choices for busy kitchens.

Flexible storage solution

If you don’t have a traditional ‘room’ or understairs area, pantry units built into your kitchen design are a great alternative. You can have them integrated into a run of cupboards or free-standing. There’s so much choice for your internal storage layout too, it’s a really versatile storage solution and everyone who gets one, says they couldn’t do without it!

It’s really handy to incorporate a small worktop area within your pantry too giving you a workspace and storage space all in one.


Ashbourne double Portland Oak pantry


Dedicated zones

Many customers like to use their pantry unit as a dedicated zone, an area to store baking equipment & ingredients or use it as a drinks cabinet, a garage for small appliances, a tea and coffee station or a breakfast station.

It is an excellent use of space and a way to organise your kitchen if you focus on the pantry having a dedicated purpose, rather than somewhere that everything gets shoved behind closed doors (although they are handy for that too!). If you can stow away the clutter and small appliances that take up precious worktop space, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.


Kitchen Pantry Design Reigate


Customised storage

The beauty of pantries is that you can set them up exactly how you want them. Whether you want a combination of open shelves and drawers, glass-fronted doors, a drinks prep area, or spice racks, whatever makes your dedicated zone the most practical and accessible format, you can set it up just how you want it.

Pantries for every kitchen

Perhaps most importantly, you don’t even need an enormous kitchen to have a pantry. We can work with you to design a pantry unit that really maximises your storage and without compromising your kitchen design. What’s more, they work in both classic and modern kitchen designs so your chosen style of kitchen won’t limit your options.


Kitchen Pantry Inspiration


Adding a pantry to your wishlist? Let’s set it up exactly how you want it. Make an appointment by getting in touch on 01737 906074 or at info@painesandgray.co.uk. Alternatively, pop into our Reigate showroom and let’s get to work.