Is your kitchen working hard this holiday season? If you’re hosting the big day or parties and gatherings throughout the festive period, you might find your current kitchen layout and set-up aren’t working for you. If you’re planning a new kitchen and want to make hosting for friends and family easy, then we have your wishlist all ready for you.


Room to gather

Go open plan so you can be sociable with guests whilst you’re cooking and doing final prep. Open-plan layouts aren’t for everyone, but with clever zoning, you’ll find it is a practical and sociable space destined for great parties. After all, the best parties are in the kitchen anyway, aren’t they?

One concern people have with open-plan layouts is odour and smoke infiltrating the dining and living spaces, but we have you covered…


Spacious open-plan kitchen, East Grinstead


Room to breathe

To make an open-plan layout really work for you, especially when you are cooking and hosting simultaneously, you need to invest in a quality extraction system.

We always recommend BORA for its unparalleled downdraft extraction. Choose from gas or induction for your hob, and then there’s a range of sizes and setups to choose from, all with the downdraft extraction.

There are a host of benefits to using this system, but top of the list for us are;

  • the efficiency of the extraction of odours and smoke;
  • the reduction in noise, this will be the quietest extractor you’ve used!
  • the easy-to-clean features;
  • No large overhead hood to obscure your sightlines or take up space.

We have a BORA on display in our showroom; pop in for a demo anytime.


Bora Downdraft extraction explained


Room to create

Whether you’re a seasoned host or new to it, as much as you want to be sociable with your guests, sometimes you just need to concentrate on the food.

In addition to making sure you have plenty of worktop space, incorporating an island is a great way of zoning off your work area. Make it wide enough to incorporate a hob on one side so you can face guests and chat and have bar stools on the other side or enough worktop to serve drinks from. This will keep you involved in the party, but guests will naturally congregate around the seating and drinks area, leaving you a clear area to work in.

It is always a good idea to incorporate the hob on the island rather than the sink if you’re using the island as more than a worktop and seating area. Cooking on the island is much more sociable and engaging for guests than washing up or a pile of dirty pans!

As for the ovens, go waist height if you can to save the endless bending and stretching with hot pans and double up with two ovens for maximum efficiency. We love the Siemens studioLine range.


Creative kitchen design


Room for all the make-aheads

Hosting is so much more than the day of, isn’t it? If you’ve got a good number of people coming or have planned an extensive menu, you’ll be doing as much prep and storing in the days or weeks leading up to the big occasion, and you’re going to need somewhere to put it all!

An American-style fridge freezer is a mainstay on wishlists for party kitchens, but if you haven’t got room for one or don’t like the aesthetic, go full height with both your integrated fridge and freezer. You’ll really appreciate the extra freezer space.



Room to shake and stir

If you have the space for one, you’ll really enjoy having a dedicated bar or wet bar area. Kit it out with glassware storage, a drinks prep station, a dual zone wine fridge, a sink for quick clean-ups as you go and a beer fridge if you can!

This will take your hosting to the next level and is a great way of displaying your favourite spirits bottles, bar accessories and special glassware.



Room to clear up

The less fun bit about hosting is obviously the big clear up and you’ll thank us for this tip – incorporate two dishwashers. Even if you’re not hosting but have a busy family kitchen, two dishwashers will make clearing up a breeze.

With these elements on your wishlist, your new kitchen will be the centre of all the best parties for years to come.


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