If you’ve been looking for some kitchen design inspiration but are feeling that it all looks very classic or ultra-modern, but your tastes are more in the middle, we’ve got the design inspiration you’re looking for.


Shaker or Handleless, are they my only options?

Not at all. Shaker-style kitchens are a traditional design aesthetic that will immediately give your kitchen a more classic, timeless feel. In contrast, most of the very modern styles are designed handleless, to deliver the ultimate minimalist, contemporary design.

But if your preferred style is somewhere in the middle, not too classic but not too contemporary, the best place for you to start is a simple slab door.


The slab door

Although not the most elegant of names, the slab door is your go-to if you want to veer away from a classic Shaker style. Completely smooth with none of the Shaker detailing, this door is also a lay-on door, sitting in front of the carcass, rather than within a frame. The smooth front and lay-on style instantly creates a more contemporary feel.


Handling it

The minimalists would opt not to have handles for their slab doors and instead would be deciding between a J profile or a true handleless finish. Handleless kitchens epitomise contemporary cool, creating a beautiful, sleek, minimal finish. But if you want to just soften that very contemporary aesthetic, have some fun choosing handles.

Go for a modern finish such as black, or something more aged, like brass, and decide between something textured or something smooth. Do you want big and bold or more subtle? A cup handle or knobs? The options are almost endless. Choosing a handle or even two different styles is a great way of adding features to your kitchen and can help soften a minimalist design.

Looking for some handleless kitchen inspiration too? Head to our Projects page to view our Contemporary New Home in Reigate and our Handleless Kitchen in Redhill.


handleless kitchen inspiration



A little more classic

If the overall look is feeling a bit too contemporary for your tastes, instead of a smooth painted finish, choose a visible grain finish (pictured above) or introduce a natural oak finish to the overall scheme.

The natural oak in this concept is still modern, far from a traditional country kitchen design, thanks to the combination of black handles on wood and matte grey handless doors on the wall units. Used in this way, the wood adds a welcome warmth and texture to the scheme.


Natural Oak kitchen


A little more contemporary

If you want your design a little more contemporary, choose a gloss finish for either your wall or floor units. The gloss will help bounce light around, which will brighten your scheme.

Another great design idea for a more contemporary style is to use your island to create a waterfall edge with your worktop. Continue the worktop right down to the floor for a sleek and more modern look.

Think about choosing barely-there slimline handles too. These will seamlessly slot into your design without being a dominant feature.


Contemporary Kitchen Design Reigate


Customise your design

The real takeaway here is that you don’t need to feel restricted to a traditional or contemporary design. There’s a vast array of designs, styles, colour schemes and materials to explore, and a slab door is a really versatile option to help you choose the best of both worlds.

If you’re stuck in the middle of classic and contemporary design ideas and not sure how to bring them all together, book an appointment in our Reigate showroom for a design consultation. Call 01737 906074 or drop us a line at info@painesandgray.co.uk