Does your kitchen need to be more than a kitchen? Like most people, your kitchen is one of the hardest working areas in the house, and if you have an open-plan kitchen, it has to wear many hats too. School work, working from home, downtime and entertaining, laundry and boot room, let alone food preparation and eating!

More customers are talking to us about planning their perfect open-plan multifunctional kitchen which incorporates all these different facets into their design.


Media units

Kitchen media units

Media units are easily and elegantly incorporated into open-plan kitchen designs, and the storage and layout can really be bespoke to your requirements.

Stow away computer games, consoles and devices to keep your open-plan space free of clutter. The TV is accessible but discreet and slots into this kitchen design seamlessly.


Wet bar

Kitchen integrated wet bar

Create your perfect entertaining set-up with an integrated wet bar.

Choose how to store and present your favourite glassware and bottles and incorporate a worktop for drink prep.

Add a dual-zone wine cooler to keep your reds, whites and roses at the perfect temperature, and you are ready to host the next celebration in some style!



Kitchen Workspace

Sometimes it’s just not practical to take up another room in the house for a home office. Or perhaps you’d like a dedicated area to work from, but where you can keep an eye on things, without taking over the kitchen table.

Workspaces really can be slotted into any nook in your home and designed around your needs.

This brilliant workspace is part of an open-plan kitchen diner but tucked out of the way, ready for action whenever the inbox is demanding some attention!


Integrated utility rooms

Integrated utility rooms

You want the utility and extra storage close to hand, but you want to shut the door on noisy machines and the clutter!

Integrating your design, so the utility looks just as good as the kitchen gives you that continuity and sense of a bigger open plan space, but with the option to close the door on the clutter that comes with a hardworking utility space.

The utility room in this stunning contemporary kitchen houses a walk-in larder, white goods and a second sink, everything on hand, right where you need it.

Does your kitchen need to incorporate something we haven’t mentioned? Tell us all the ways in which your kitchen needs to function and we’ll integrate each zone seamlessly into your design.


Ready to get your multifunctional kitchen underway? Book a design consultation at or give the showroom a call on 01737 906 074. Browse the latest kitchens on our Projects page too, for inspiration.