When you’re embarking on a kitchen renovation, the project often extends beyond just the kitchen. Planning your dream kitchen and how you want to use the space often throws into focus the other areas that connect to your kitchen that you see need changing or updating too.

But how do you make it all work together, especially if you’re going open-plan?


Entertainment and downtime

One of the most common renovation projects is to create an open-plan family kitchen which incorporates a dining and lounge or play area.

Having a soft seating area for lounging and playing is a great addition to an open-plan family space, but how do you keep it clutter free and in keeping with your smart new kitchen?

The answer is a bespoke media unit that accommodates the TV, game consoles, headsets, craft supplies and a whole lot more. Styled to match or complement your kitchen design, it is an elegant storage solution for every open-plan kitchen.

Media Furniture for the kitchen


The ultimate utility room

High on the list for many customers is a dedicated utility area, and if you have room for one, you’ll never regret incorporating it into your kitchen renovation.

This will be one of the hardest working areas in the house, so take the opportunity to have us set it up exactly how you want it.

Utility Room Design


Work from home

If it’s not practical to have a separate room for a home office, we can design the perfect workstation for you that blends seamlessly into your new kitchen.

Hop on a teams call, help with homework, or research your next holiday, all from the comfort of your new kitchen.

Home office design


Dressed to impress

Incorporating a bespoke dresser into your dining area is a great way to connect the space with your new kitchen.

Display your favourite glassware and tableware with glass-fronted cupboards and stow away the clutter in deep drawers. Dressers are beautiful, statement pieces of furniture that really add a wow to your dining area.

Bespoke kitchen dressers



Use our design expertise to accentuate your kitchen and every area connected to it. Book an appointment in our Reigate showroom for a design consultation and discuss all the options with us. Call 01737 906074 or drop us a line at info@painesandgray.co.uk.