Over the summer, we chatted about the different colours, kitchen styles and appliances that customers were asking for, and a surprising trend emerged. The beaded shaker kitchen is back!

But really, we’re not too surprised because the beaded shaker design has a timeless quality to it, and we’re very happy to see a resurgence in its popularity.


What is a beaded shaker-style kitchen?

Standard shaker doors have a simplicity to them; the framed door front is typified by clean lines and edging to the framework. When you see the term ‘beaded-shaker’, this is referring to the edging of the central panel. With beaded shaker doors, the central panel has a moulded, sculpted edge, adding extra detail to the door front.

A beaded shaker design instantly adds a timeless elegance to your kitchen. Combine your beaded shaker doors with a woodgrain finish, and your kitchen instantly and effortlessly transforms into a more traditional style.

What is a beaded shaker-style kitchen?


Is a beaded shaker kitchen right for my home?

The additional detailing of the beaded shaker kitchen works really well in period homes or rural properties if you want to create more of a farmhouse kitchen design.

If you’ve taken on a renovation project and are restoring an older property and want to choose a kitchen that reflects the age and style of the house, the beaded shaker is a great place to start.

The beaded shaker kitchen design


Accessorising your traditional shaker kitchen

You’ve chosen your beaded shaker kitchen, but how will you complete the look?

To accentuate the more traditional design style, you can’t go wrong with a classic butler sink. With this type of sink, a more ornate style of tap and finish is the ticket here, and don’t worry, that won’t limit your options. If you have a Quooker on your wish list, check out the Quooker Classic Fusion, which is the perfect addition to a more traditionally styled kitchen.

A plate rack is a lovely detail to incorporate in these types of kitchens and is hugely practical too. The open rack also delivers a nice contrast from the ornate details of the doors.

To create more contrast and balance in your design, opt for some open-plan shelving, glass-fronted cabinets, and beaded doors. Using a combination of design styles like this creates a really stunning overall effect.

Think about your handles for the final flourish. What finish do you want? A brushed brass or nickel works beautifully with a traditional kitchen, but polished chrome is also a great choice.

The best thing to do is play with our showroom samples. Just keep mixing and matching until you land on your perfect combination.

Traditional shaker kitchen


Has this inspired your ideas for a more traditional-style kitchen?

Book a design consultation in our Reigate showroom, and we’ll show you our shaker kitchens on display and our range of sample doors so you can choose the perfect style for your home. Call us on 01737 906074 or email info@painesandgray.co.uk to book your appointment.