Choosing a colour scheme is one of the fundamental decisions you’ll make for your new kitchen. It is a decision that some customers relish and have a really clear vision of what they want. Others come to us feeling quite unsure of where to start and enjoy the process of looking at our displays to fire up the imagination.

A really popular trend right now is two have a two-tone colour scheme. This could mean different colours between your island and the rest of your cabinetry. Or it could mean different colours between the wall units and floor units. Another option is to have your pantry or dresser in another colour from the rest of the kitchen. It is a really simple way to enhance your kitchen design, and sometimes creates a sense of fun too if you opt for a real pop of colour.

If you like the idea of a two-tone scheme, start by thinking about whether you want ‘blenders’, tones that blend together or colours that contrast with each other.


For tones that blend well together, you are looking for colours in the same or similar palette. You can be sure then that they are going to naturally sit well together. Similar shades of greys, blues and greens suit this kind of scheme and by adopting this style, you create a really cohesive design. Check out the two-tone greys used in this stunning family home.

Choosing a two tone kitchen colour scheme


A bolder approach to two-tone kitchen colour schemes is to choose a statement colour and one for it to contrast with. White can be a great contrast to a deep colour in both classic and modern kitchen styles. A great example of a contrasting two-tone scheme is this lovely kitchen diner with island and pantry in gunmetal grey.

two-tone kitchen colour schemes

Still undecided?

If you’re unsure but like the two-tone concept, neutral colours should be your go to. Kitchens are big investments and if bold colours are not your comfort zone, why suddenly choose them for your kitchen. Colour schemes must feel intuitive to you, try not to be too influenced by magazines and social media trends if the bold colours and styles really don’t resonate with you. There are lots of ways to add personality and colour to a kitchen if you do not feel brave enough to choose a bold colour on the cabinetry. Think about your splashback, your tap and sink and your handles, there are so many ways where we can add accents and pops of colour.

Another option is to use different worktop materials to create contrast, for example a wooden worktop on an island with quartz on the worktops. Our advice is to choose one area of contrast though. Go for two-tone on your cabinetry with one worktop style across the kitchen, or one colour on your cabinetry and mix up your worktops. Trying to incorporate both contrasting colours and worktop materials can make a space feel less coherent.

Look for inspiration

Come to our showroom to see samples up close and to see our display kitchens. This will help you hone in on the colours that you’re immediately drawn to. If you’re researching online, browsing Pinterest and Houzz is a great way to get lots of ideas.

When you book a consultation with us, we’ll help you get a palette of colours together to choose from, and we’ll guide you on the materials that do and don’t work together. It’s always best to do this with the samples and materials in front of you to see subtle differences and textures.

When you have a shortlist of colours you’re excited by, always get swatches and samples to take home. Colours can look so different on a screen to when they’re on your wall in daylight and at night. You can also book an in-home consultation with us where we’ll come to your home to help you finalise the perfect palette for your new kitchen.

Ready to talk colours and two-tones? Bring all your ideas or let’s start from scratch, we’ll talk you through all the options. Book an appointment with us on 01737 906074 or email us at