It’s probably not the first thing you get excited about when planning your new kitchen, but the perfect fridge freezer for your home is an essential element in the decision-making process.  Ready to decide which style is right for you?


Wish list fridge freezers
If you’d asked us the style of fridge freezer most customers had on their wish list even as recently as a year or so ago, the traditional American-style fridge freezer was king. With double doors, vast space and the ability to easily see everything, it’s obvious why they are so popular for family kitchens.

However, there’s been a shift in the last year or so back towards integrated fridge freezers, in particular the full-height fridges. Maximising fridge space is top of the list.


American-style fridge freezers
With these mammoths, the major pro is the amount of storage space on offer and that you have a good visual of everything inside. Not the wall flower of appliances, the industrial look synonymous with these appliances is a style choice, but one that lots of people really love. They are big, bold and ideal for busy, large households.

We love how these two customers incorporated American-style fridge freezers into their new kitchens. View Extended family home, Reigate and Period Property, Horsham.

Integrated fridge freezers


Worth noting

With all that lovely storage space comes the sheer size of these appliances. You’ll find that the depth of the unit often means that it protrudes out slightly from the worktop and cabinets rather than sitting completely flush if you have it built into your kitchen design.

Work with your designer to assess whether your kitchen can comfortably accommodate one of these fridge-freezers. Taking into account their width and depth, they are big units to install and do not lend themselves to narrow doorways, corridors or tight angles!

If space is a premium, it’s worth considering a different style.


Integrated fridge freezers
If you prefer your appliances to be more ‘invisible’, integrated fridge freezers are the right choice for you. Maintaining a streamlined uncluttered look, they will be neatly incorporated into your kitchen design.

The most popular option right now is to have a full-height fridge as opposed to a 60:40 or 70:30 split with a freezer compartment. Where space allows, customers are choosing to have both a full-height fridge and full-height freezer integrated. Where space doesn’t allow, the priority for customers seems to be the full-height fridge with perhaps an under-counter freezer elsewhere in the kitchen or the freezer fitted into a utility room or garage instead.


Don’t forget

You don’t need to use up valuable real estate in your fridge for wine and beer, add a separate wine cooler to the wish list. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit any kitchen.



Our favourite?

It’s a tough choice, but we love the Liebherr range of full-height integrated fridges and freezers. Especially the fridges with InfinitySpring incorporated, providing cool, fresh water to dispense at any time and the freezers with the plumbed ice-makers. Liebherr quality, plenty of storage, beautifully integrated and wonderfully practical. They tick all our boxes.


Liebherr quality Fridge


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